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Federal regulations surge, but Mountain States lead by example

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

In a post-COVID world, the federal government is leaning on more red tape for business.

According to new data from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, "overall final rules in 2021 jumped 45 percent over those of 2020." The new regulations are impacting both big and small businesses.

The federal count is the highest it's been in decades and is a 9% increase over the last year for the Trump Administration.

It's a very different story at the local level. In fact, Idaho is the least regulated state in the country. The Mercatus Center calls it "a model."

Over the past four years, Idaho has cut or reduced 95% of regulations. Governor Brad Little has signed numerous executive orders reducing the size of the state government.

Wyoming, too, has seen a reduction in the number of state regulations.

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