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LIVE UPDATES: Idaho special session

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Mountain States Policy Center is watching the happenings in Boise as a special session of the legislature is now underway. We'll update what's happening in this blog throughout the day.


6:27pm - Governor Little has signed the bill

5:00pm - Senate passes bill 34-1. Pending Governor’s signature, Idaho will have a flat income tax of 5.8%.

4:10pm - Senate debating bill. Sen Jim Rice refers to MSPC blog post on importance of flat tax

4:00pm - Bill passes out of committee unanimously

3:45pm - Senate reconvenes. Recess called for a committee meeting

3:00pm - House approves bill to adopt flat income tax, tax rebates and increase in education funding. Vote was 55-15.

2:35pm - More on the process: We found out this morning that the legislative practice of informing/notifying the public of hearings doesn’t extend to the special session. They don’t keep prior subscriptions. That is a huge deal and limits public participation.

Major tax policy shouldn’t be made in 24 hours. A legislative body should always allow for maximum public involvement.

1:45pm - A lot of discussion - and anger - over the process. It's true, the process stinks. More to come on that point

1:04pm - House returns to session and begins debate on bill

12:06pm - House expected to return to the floor in about 45 minutes. Senate Local Government committee to convene around 3:00pm.

11:20am - House committee on revenue and taxation votes to send bill to floor

10:16am - Public hearing now underway

9:05am - Newest version of the Governor's proposal would remove 3% yearly inflator for education spending

8:35am - House Revenue and Taxation committee has introduced official bill

8:00am - Special session convened

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