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MSPC welcomes Sean O'Brien as a visiting fellow

O'Brien with Congressman Dan Newhouse

Mountain States Policy Center is delighted to announce the addition of Sean O'Brien as a visiting fellow and contributor.

O'Brien is the former Executive Director for the Congressional Western Caucus, a "group of 100 Members of Congress from across the United States who advocate for rural policy issues throughout the West and beyond."

"When it comes to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Eastern Washington, rural policy issues are paramount," explained MSPC President Chris Cargill.

"Sean's experience strengthens MSPC's commitment to free market policy."

O'Brien previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Legislative Director for Congressman Dan Newhouse. He is a graduate of Gonzaga University with a degree in political science.

"Sound policy based on facts – not emotions – must be core to building civil discourse and a better future for our nation," O'Brien said.

"By advocating for effective free market solutions found from across our region, MSPC is strengthening Louis Brandeis’ concept that states are the true laboratories of democracy."

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