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Ten policy ideas for legislative sessions opening across the region



Nearly 500 lawmakers across Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, and Montana begin meeting in January for their state’s regular legislative sessions. Some sessions will last more than 100 days, while others will be limited to just 40.

Policymakers will be dealing with a host of issues including budget surpluses, rising crime, the tax burden, homelessness, federal overreach, separation of powers and more. Each state will be adopting an operating budget.

This publication is intended to give elected officials numerous ideas on policy issues important to the people of their states. The ideas are presented in no particular order and additional resources are included at the end of each section. Readers will also find the results of our exclusive 2022 Idaho Poll located throughout this publication.

Nothing written here shall be construed as an attempt to aid or hinder the passage of any legislation.



1.) Expand parental freedom options for public education

States: Idaho, Montana, Washington

2.) Support a Public School Transparency Act

States: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming & Washington

3.) Consider tying state income tax rate to triggers

States: Idaho, Montana

4.) Allow voters to decide fate of state income tax 

States: Washington

5.) Require government meetings to be live streamed

States: Idaho, Montana, Washington and Wyoming

6.) Adopt gas tax transparency

States: Idaho, Montana, Washington

7.) Make collective bargaining negotiations open to public observation

States: Washington

8.) Maintain/support remote testimony

States: Idaho, Montana, Washington & Wyoming

9.) Reform emergency powers, legislative oversight 

States: Idaho, Montana, Washington

10.) Slow the ballooning cost of Medicaid

States: Idaho

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