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Thoughts about the Idaho special session

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The Idaho Legislature convenes in a special session on Thursday, September 1st. Here's what we think about the proposals that will be considered by lawmakers.


The proposal to adopt tax rebates and move to lower the state's income tax will help Idaho's working families, and help the state compete. With a record amount of revenue, Mountain States Policy Center has recommended lowering the state income tax to a flat, across-the-board rate, and perhaps doing away with it altogether. We are delighted to see the state move in this direction. The research shows many other states have lowered or eliminated income tax rates. This will help Idaho stay competitive.


This is almost $100 million more than is called for in the Quality Education Act initiative being put before voters in November. Unfortunately, increased education spending does not necessarily lead to better outcomes. It will be important for the legislature to confirm the money is being spent wisely. Based on research about what's best for children, Mountain States Policy Center recommends any increases in education spending go directly toward funding students, not systems.

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