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Top 10 Idaho general fund spending

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The ink is still drying on Idaho’s new state budget, but we’re getting a closer look at where legislators decided to spend the most money. Idaho’s general fund budget increased to $5.1 billion this session, a 12% hike from the year before. Here are the top 10 allocations:

1.) Public school support - $2.698 billion (up 16.4%)

Note: Over the past decade, Idaho has increased K-12 spending 106%.

2.) Division of Medicaid - $856.3 million (up 3.2%)

Note: This represents the state portion of Medicaid expansion and not the total spending that is split between the federal government and the state.

3.) Colleges and Universities - $353.9 million (up 4.7%)

4.) Department of Correction - $321.7 million (up 7.5%)

5.) Department of Health and Welfare - $214 million (up 10%)

6.) Career Technical Education - $76.5 million (up 4.5%)

7.) Judicial Branch - $62.4 million (up 5.9%)

8.) Community Colleges - $60.9 million (up 7%)

9.) Idaho State Police - $51.8 million (up 21.2%)

10.) Department of Juvenile Corrections - $48.5 million (up 5.4%)

While these spending increases are significant, other parts of the budget saw much larger hikes. For example, the state Board of Education’s budget increased a whopping 338.6%. The Secretary of State’s budget went up 228.4%. And the budget for the office of the Lieutenant Governor surged 44.4%.

Part of the increase for the state Board of Education is allocated to the popular Empowering Parents program. But it also funds more than a dozen new, full time positions.

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