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Voting with their feet - Americans fleeing high tax, big government states

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Call it a confirmation of what most of us already knew - the population of the mountain states is surging.

The U.S. Census Bureau has released the latest population estimates, which show that Idaho and Montana are growing. In fact, Idaho is one of the top states for population growth.

Washington State, on the other hand, has had virtually no growth.

This is not really a surprise. Most of the states that are seeing substantial growth or low tax, low regulatory environments. Meantime, most of the states that are seeing declines are high tax and high regulation.

It is also interesting to consider that five of the seven states with no state income tax (Texas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Florida and Nevada) are some of the fastest growing in the country.

  1. Nampa, Idaho

  2. Meridian, Idaho

  3. Murfreesboro, Tennessee

  4. New Braunfels, Texas

  5. Fort Myers, Florida

  6. Conroe, Texas

  7. Menifee, California

  8. Pasco, Washington

  9. Lewisville, Texas

  10. Chino, California

  11. Port St. Lucie, Florida

  12. Rancho Cordova, California

  13. Victorville, California (Tie)

  14. Riverview, Florida (Tie)

  15. Homestead, Florida

Expanding our regional population is not a bad thing. It can help increase the strength of our economies and lower the tax burden.

However, policymakers throughout the mountain states should make sure to remember why so many Americans are voting with their feet and choosing states that have lower taxes and fewer government burdens.

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