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Where things stand with ed choice proposals across the region

Updated: Jul 21

A flurry of legislation throughout the Mountain States has made it difficult to track everything that’s going on. In Washington state, for example, nearly 1,700 new laws have been introduced. In Montana, it has exceeded 1,400.

If you are interested in education choice, it is hard to make heads or tails as to what’s happening. Here’s a state-by-state rundown, as of today.


SB 1038 – Universal Education Savings Accounts for all children

· Passed committee 6-3 on February 15th

· Failed in Senate 12-23 on February 27th

· Status: Likely dead

(Note other pending proposals: On Thursday, March 2nd, we’re expecting three additional proposals creating an ESA or something similar.)


HB 549 – Authorizing establishment of public charter schools, with limitations

· Passed committee 11-2 on February 24th

· Passed in House 79-21 on March 1st

· Status: Still alive

HB 562 – Authorizing “Community Choice” schools

· Passed committee 8-5 on February 24th

· Passed in House 63-37 on March 1st

· Status: Still alive

SB 118 – Revise aggregate limit on tax credit scholarship program

· Has not moved since January 12th

· Status: Likely dead

SB 393 - Establish the Students with Special Needs Equal Opportunity Act

· Passed in committee 9-4 on February 22nd

· Awaiting floor action

· Status: Still alive

SB 390 – Provide freedom in school choice Education Savings Accounts

· Tabled in committee February 27th

· Failed to advance directly to floor 21-29 February 28th

· Status: Likely dead


HB 1615 – Creating students first Education Savings Accounts

· Has not moved past committee on February 2nd

· Status: Likely dead


HB 194 – Creating Wyoming freedom scholarship account

· Has not moved past committee on February 7th

· Status: Likely dead

SB 143 – Wyoming freedom scholarship act

· Passed out of committee 4-1 on January 30th

· Passed Senate 17-14 on February 2nd

· House will not introduce bill

· Status: Likely dead

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