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S 1371
Revise provisions regarding presidential primaries, primary election dates, and candidate filing deadlines
S 1370
Revise provisions regarding the delivery of water within subdivisions and certain civil actions
S 1369
Amends existing law to revise a penalty for vehicular manslaughter
S 1368
Amends existing law to prohibit adoption placement or advertisement by unlicensed entities
S 1367
Amends and adds to existing law to establish provisions regarding public defense for indigent persons in this state
S 1369
Adding a mandatory minimum sentence for an individual who has previously been found guilty of a violation of driving under the influence and is again found guilty of driving under the influence, along with vehicular manslaughter
S 1370
Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding the delivery of water within subdivisions and certain civil actions
S 1371
Requires state to hold all primary elections, including the presidential primary, on the third Tuesday in April
H 620
Provides that a political subdivision shall not enact certain rules, ordinances, or taxes regarding knives and to provide that certain rules and ordinances from a political subdivision shall be null and void
H 619
Establishes provisions regarding the wildfire risk reinsurance and mitigation pool
H 618
Expands and adds to a prohibition against electioneering messages on certain government correspondence
H 617
Repeals existing law to remove the Syringe and Needle Exchange Act
H 616
Revise a provision regarding the disclosure of information in certain instances and to authorize access to mental health records of a child in certain instances
H 615
Removes certain provisions for verification of lawful presence to receive public benefits
H 614
Authorizes the Department of Lands to enhance and further implement the existing Good Neighbor Authority program
H 613
Amends and adds to existing law to prohibit the advertising of illegal products and services
H 612
Amends existing law to provide for compensation and a procedure
H 611
Provides conditions for the issuance of orders establishing or revising the baseline methodology for determining material injury and to provide for preparation of such orders at any time of the year.
H 610
Amends existing law to provide for an increased fine for a first violation of overtaking a school bus and misdemeanor penalties for second and subsequent violations
H 609
Amends existing law to define a public employer and a public corporation with respect to certain requirements regarding security for compensation
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Sage grouse implementation-notice to landowners
Property tax reduction and replacement act
Support for local input in federal rulemaking
School capital construction-constitutional amendment
Foreign adversaries-prohibited property ownership
Regulatory reduction task force
Approval of charter school
Property tax exemption-inflation cap
Property tax-homeowner's exemption
Property tax exemption-specified real property
Foreign property ownership-critical infrastructure
School safety and security-funding
Tangible personal property-tax exemption
Property tax exemption-residential structures
Education-charter school amendments
Homeowner tax exemption
Electricity rates for costs that do not benefit Wyoming
Parental rights in education
Education savings accounts
Property tax-assessment ratio for residential property
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HB 1153
Prohibiting octopus farming
ESB 5592
Requiring semiautomatic external defibrillator at fitness centers
ESB 5590
Creating Mount St. Helens special license plates
HB 2494
Increasing state funding for operating costs in schools
HB 2495
Requiring the liquor and cannabis board to update rules on clothing and conduct
HB 2488
Protecting the free exercise of religion from executive overreach during gubernatorial proclamations
SB 6312
Prohibiting the removal of a federal candidate from a ballot due to an allegation of insurrection or rebellion unless the candidate has been convicted
SB 6306
Requiring medical malpractice insurance coverage for health care providers who perform an abortion
HB 2486
Extending the commute trip reduction tax credit program
HB 2484
Exempting certain collective bargaining activities by legislative employees from state ethics restrictions
SJR 8210
Amending the Constitution to create a term limit for the office of the governor
HJR 4212
Enshrining the right to hunt and fish in the state Constitution
HB 2030
Allowing anyone incarcerated in a state prison to vote or sit on a jury
HB 2470
Creating a local sales and use tax to address gender-based violence
HJR 4210
Adding a new section to the Washington state Constitution regarding the conservation and protection of the state's natural resources
SB 2444
Requiring autonomous vehicles and manufacturers to have "duty of care"
SJM 8006
Requesting that the federal government create a universal health care program
ESB 5462
Requires all public school grade levels to teach students about history of LGBTQ people
HJR 4211
Amending the Constitution to eliminate line item vetoes
HB 2439
Banning state and local income taxes
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No 2024 legislative session

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