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Mountain States Policy Center (MSPC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded in 2022 to empower individuals to succeed through non-partisan, quality research that promotes free enterprise, individual liberty and limited government. With a headquarters in Idaho and coverage in Washington state, Montana, and Wyoming, MSPC is the first multi-state think tank of its kind, working to educate key segments of society—including policymakers, the media, young leaders, and the rising generation of citizens— on the power of free markets and limited government to unleash prosperity and opportunity throughout the Mountain West and the nation. We do this because we believe “free markets are for everyone,” and offer the most compelling path for our country. 


MSPC logo

Purpose and Background 

The geographical expanse served by MSPC constitutes America's fastest-growing area.

Mountain States Policy Center was built for this moment. Drawing from top policy experts and leaders from across the region, MSPC champions commonsense policy solutions in the public square while making the case for a dynamic and innovation-driven market economy to the public as a whole. MSPC has already established itself among the nation’s fastest-growing free-market think tanks, surpassing $1 million in annual revenue in just its second year of operations. This already makes MSPC the largest think tank in the region, and larger than many think tanks that have been around for much longer. The organization has prospects for even further growth in the next few years. 

MSPC has enjoyed this outpouring of support because it provides three key things that are urgently needed across the region: 

Leadership: While much of the region’s political establishment is consumed with political in-fighting and operates as though the political landscape will never change, we are under no such delusions. We recognize the time for action is now, and we must work with a sense of urgency to lock in policies that advance freedom and opportunity for generations to come. 


Expertise: MSPC’s leadership is drawn from some of the nation’s foremost think tanks, bringing decades of experience to bear in understanding and communicating policy solutions that advance freedom and opportunity. In a region that is short on such expertise—in fact, legislatures in states like Idaho do not have fulltime policy staff at all— MSPC is poised to have an out-sized impact. 

Strategy: Because MSPC is a permanent organization and does not face the pressure to stand for election every two to four years, we have the independence and the staying power to cast a bold vision for what’s possible in the policy arena, and work over multiple cycles to bring it into reality. 

MSPC has a winning team, and proven formulas for advancing opportunity and prosperity for all. As we build our organization and raise our profile to meet the needs of a changing region—one that embodies many of the trends that will shape the future of our entire country—we now seek to broaden and deepen our work. 

MSPC’s Core Programs & Events 

MSPC works to educate every level and every age group in society about the importance and effectiveness of free-market ideas and policy solutions. Our events are considered can’t-miss by policymakers, business leaders and citizens across the region. 

Spring and Fall Gala Dinners: Our gala, annual dinners in Coeur d’Alene and Boise are the premier events of their kind. Regularly featuring the nation’s top newsmakers, the Spring and Fall dinners collectively attract more than 1,500 attendees and are a celebration of free markets. 

The Woman Panel: MSPC’s Woman Panel series supports women who believe in the power of free-market principles and solutions. The Woman Panel exists to give women, individually and collectively, a voice that's currently unrepresented. We believe in uniting women by sharing thoughts, ideas, and concerns and raising up women throughout the Mountain States. 

Policy Outreach: MSPC equips key decision-makers in the policy arena to make effective decisions that advance freedom, free enterprise, and prosperity. We do this through dedicated outreach, policy receptions, briefings for elected officials and their staff, reporters and working members of the news media, and other key decision makers. MSPC also will do this through by producing an all-new Mountain States Policy Manual that will serve as a comprehensive resource providing facts, figures, and policy on virtually every key issue facing the region, including topics like agriculture, budget, taxes, technology, education, and more. Akin to the Heritage Foundation’s “Mandate for Leadership” guides, this policy manual will offer any policymaker of any political persuasion a go-to resource for navigating key issues facing the Mountain West rooted in proven free-market ideas. 

The Public: Now more than ever, free-market ideas need to be communicated effectively in the marketplace of ideas. With growing public hostility to big business and tech innovation, we must be creative and find ways to communicate ideas to the public. 

Young Leaders: Reaching today’s policymakers and the everyday citizens who hold them accountable is crucial, but not sufficient. We must also work a generation ahead to ensure that the Rocky Mountain States have the leadership needed to advance freedom and prosperity for all. For that reason, MSPC has launched the Sawtooth Leadership Academy in 2024. Through the Sawtooth Leadership Academy, MSPC trains high school and college students in civility, civic involvement, and the power of the free market. The program establishes our future free market leaders.

Children and Families: As we reach out to young leaders who are taking sides in the great debates that are shaping the future of our region—and our country—we recognize the need to do even more to reach young people at even more formative ages. Too often, our media, education system, and other institutions villainize innovators and entrepreneurs, or simply overlook their contributions. Those who believe in the critical importance of free-market ideas and market-driven innovation must respond with content capable of providing the full picture. Through our upcoming “Free Markets are For Everyone” campaign, MSPC will spread an optimistic message about how free markets are a revolutionary force for change that benefits everyone. This campaign will utilize both traditional and new media, and will include a children's book series promoting free-market virtues.

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