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Training & inspiring the next generation of free market leaders

Today's high school and college students are tomorrow's leaders. That's why Mountain States Policy Center's Board of Directors has launched the Sawtooth Leadership Academy.

This yearly, limited enrollment and no-cost program is dedicated to broadening the perspectives of emerging young minds in the principles of free markets, civics and civility. Up to ten students are selected each year to participate in six courses, both in-person and virtually. Each participant will complete an approved study to be published by Mountain States Policy Center and featured at MSPC's gala dinner events.

At the end of the program, based on the students' participation and work product, MSPC's Board of Directors will select at least one participant to receive a $5,000 scholarship. 

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At the core of our philosophy is the resounding motto "Free Markets First." This principle is rooted in the belief that the free market, rather than government intervention, has been the driving force behind the most significant advancements throughout history. We firmly assert that prosperity is not a product of government initiatives but a result of the ingenuity and efforts of our citizens.


To uphold this commitment to free markets, the Sawtooth Leadership Academy has curated a comprehensive approach to education. Our strategy involves convening industry leaders to actively guide and instruct participants through monthly workshops. These workshops are meticulously designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical insights across diverse sectors, including business, agriculture, healthcare, and technology innovation. By fostering a direct connection with accomplished professionals, our attendees gain valuable perspectives that extend beyond theoretical understanding, preparing them for real-world challenges and opportunities in the dynamic landscape of free market practices.



The Sawtooth Leadership Academy is designed for ambitious high school and college students who are eager to explore and embrace free market principles, gain practical insights from industry leaders, and contribute to their communities as future leaders. This program is well-suited for individuals who:


Demonstrate Ambition and Commitment 

Ambitious individuals who are driven to achieve their goals, both academically and personally, and who exhibit a strong commitment to making a positive impact in their communities.


Seek Real-World Experiences 

If you are excited about learning through hands-on experiences and practical applications, the Sawtooth Leadership Academy offers opportunities to engage with industry leaders and gain insights directly from professionals.


Desire to Build a Network

Students who recognize the importance of building a network of like-minded peers and industry leaders, fostering connections that extend beyond the program.


Can Commit to Program Requirements

Prospective applicants should be able to commit to the program's schedule, including monthly workshops, and actively participate in the various activities and learning opportunities provided. These activities will be once a month, and likely not overlap with activities through school. Attendance at events will be part of qualification to receive scholarship.

Are based in the Mountain States

Students must be enrolled in high school or college in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming or Eastern Washington to be considered.

  • Applications for 2024 accepted December 26, 2023-January 31, 2024 - APPLICATION WINDOW NOW CLOSED

  • Program begins February 15, 2024 with once monthly virtual events

  • In-person events will be based on location of students

  • Program concludes June 15, 2024

  • Publications submitted by June 15, 2024

  • Scholarship awarded by September 30, 2024

  • Recipient featured at MSPC Fall Dinner in Boise October 4, 2024

  • Recipient featured in MSPC's Pinnacle Magazine Fall of 2024

  • 2025 Applicant Window Opens - December 1, 2024

Important Dates
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