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Ahead of new school year, how is the public viewing education?

Call it the state of education in the United States.

A comprehensive, yearly public opinion survey by Braun Research and researchers at EdChoice asks adults their opinions on everything from traditional K-12 public schooling to education choice, what should be taught in the classroom and more.

It's the 11th straight year the survey has been conducted.

Overall, the public's view of K-12 remains low.

Parents express slightly more optimism, but the number who say K-12 is heading in the wrong direction remains over 50%.

When compared to charter, private and homeschool, parental satisfaction in public schools remains low.

Most of the public is aware of charter schools, but only a third are familiar with education savings accounts and vouchers.

Overall, ESA's are the most popular education choice policy.

Most Americans strongly or somewhat favor open enrollment.

The research also found Americans are much less likely to say their state’s funding is “low too” when shown a publicly recorded funding statistic, indicating that most Americans don't know how much funding actually goes to public schools.

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