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Can you hear the cell phone taxes now?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Cell phone taxes and fees are soaking up more family budgets. But the amount you pay depends on where you live.

The newest Tax Foundation report shows taxes and fees on "the typical American wireless consumer increased to a record high 25.4%."

This is yet another example of where competition has lowered prices but you wouldn't know it because taxes and fees are increasing costs.

In fact, the wireless market is one of the most competitive parts of our economy. The average price for wireless services has actually come down, but the reductions are offset by higher taxes, as the Tax Foundation points out.

The amount you pay in our region is on the two extremes. In Washington, consumers are dishing out the second highest cell phone taxes and fees in the country - an average of 32.9%.

Meantime, Idaho has the lowest wireless tax at 15.0%.

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