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The launch of MSPC's "Education Choice Improves Outcomes"

January 9, 2023                                                                                                  CONTACT:

Chris Cargill, (208) 295-9525



COEUR D’ALENE – It's about children and improving outcomes. The nation’s newest free-market research center – Mountain States Policy Center (MSPC) – is proud to launch an education effort today titled "Education Choice Improves Outcomes."

The interactive effort will aim to answer questions about education choice, dispel myths, inform citizens, gather feedback and raise awareness. 

“This is not about shutting down public schools,” said Chris Cargill, the President and CEO of Mountain States Policy Center. “As a state and region, we need to do better to make sure parents and families have more choices, because when they have more choices, the outcomes for our children improve."

Cargill noted that recent polling has shown strong support for education choice options - when Idahoans know what it is. 

As part of its effort, Mountain States Policy Center has announced:

  • A seven-part video series explaining what education choice is, including tackling six common myths

  • A new section of website that arms citizens and lawmakers with critical data about education choice

  • A new, in-depth study detailing options for legislators interested in advancing education choice (to be released in Boise Thursday night)

  • An opportunity for families to share how they would benefit from education choice


Mountain States Policy Center is a non-profit, non-partisan research center that provides free market solutions to successfully grow the region. It concentrates its work in Idaho, Eastern Washington, Montana and Wyoming – one of the first organizations of its kind to cover multiple states. 


MSPC’s mission is to empower those in the Mountain States to succeed through non-partisan, quality research that promotes free enterprise, individual liberty and limited government.

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