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From counting ceiling tiles to crafting messages - meet MSPC's Sebastian Griffin

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

I was a sophomore in high school, going through the motions of the day-to-day routine. Homeroom, Math, English, maybe weight room. But one day, as I was counting the ceiling tiles, I had a realization: this couldn't be all there was to public education. I felt like I was trapped in a simulation. Like I was Truman Burbank, the star of the movie The Truman Show, and everyone around me was an actor in a play. I was going through the motions, but I wasn't really living, or in this case learning.

That day, I decided this couldn't be a reality and it was time to change things. I decided it was time to hop off the factory line of public education and find some solutions. It was the end of the 2017 legislative session when had the privilege of meeting the good Chairman of the Idaho Senate Education Committee, Dean Mortimer. He would later introduce me to someone very special to Idaho Education, Senator Steven Thayn.

In 2019, we co-authored a major piece of education legislation, Senate Bill 1060. The bill passed the Senate, the House, and was signed into law by Governor Brad Little. It was a major personal victory for me, but only scratched the surface of what could be done.

Since then, I've had the privilege to serve on nearly 3 dozen different campaigns, ranging from school board to Lieutenant Governor. I've graduated from College of Western Idaho with an Associates in Liberal Arts and Boise State with a Bachelors in Political Science and American Government. I'm now married to my high school sweetheart and we welcomed our first beautiful daughter to world in November of 2022.

I know that we are lucky to live in one of the most free and prosperous regions in the world. I also know that there is a sense of responsibility that we all hold because of that. A wise man once said "A bad policy in one state will eventually make its way to another." That's why I'm so excited to join the Mountain States Policy team. I believe in the power of free markets to create opportunity for everyone, and I'm committed to working with others to ensure that our government does not become our first line of defense, but rather a funnel for ultimate prosperity!

We are at a critical juncture in our country's history. We must stand up for fact-based policy creation that will benefit all of us, not just a few. Together, we can build a better future for Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming.

Mountain States Policy Center is the perfect storm for thoughtful individuals to create fact-based policy that will benefit generations to come. The time is now to seize this opportunity and make a difference. MSPC brings together a diverse group of knowledgable experts from all walks of life, with a shared commitment of educating and informing through non-partisan, quality research to promote free enterprise, individual liberty and limited government. This unique combination of talent and expertise is essential to addressing the complex challenges facing our region. With MSPC's resources and your support, we can create a future where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Where we put "Free Markets First"!

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