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How do our states rank on economic freedom?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The Fraser Institute’s latest report on economic freedom contains few surprises. The Canadian-based think tank ranks states and provinces based on three areas: government spending, taxes and regulation.

The top performing states were “New Hampshire at 8.10, followed by Florida (8.05), Utah (8.03), and then Idaho and South Carolina, tied for fourth (8.02), while the least-free state was again New York at 4.25, following California at 4.59, Hawaii at 4.65, Vermont at 4.70, and Oregon at 4.92.”

Washington state ranked in the lower half of the states.

One interesting data point is that economic freedom in the United States, Canada and Mexico is all steadily declining. The U.S. data point for 2020 is the lowest in two decades.

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