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Idaho kicks off Broadband 101 workshops

In today's rapidly evolving economic landscape, access to high-speed internet is critical for small businesses and education opportunities. Idaho is going to have a big opportunity to expand broadband the right way with $583 million in federal funding. According to the state’s Department of Commerce:

“Over the next six months, the Idaho Office of Broadband will work diligently with stakeholders and local communities to further develop the State’s initial proposal for how these funds should be used and dispersed.”

Idaho is working to involve the public in this important decision with its "Broadband 101 Event Series".

"Link Up Idaho, in coordination with the Idaho Office of Broadband and the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board (IBAB), are thrilled to introduce Broadband 101, a groundbreaking statewide initiative and event series aimed at bringing high-speed internet access to every corner of Idaho. The Broadband 101 event series is not only here to educate attendees about the benefits of high-speed internet, but also to hear the thoughts and ideas on how the State can improve broadband expansion across Idaho." (Idaho Commerce Media Alert)

When state governments are accessible with public workshops like this, they operate with a higher degree of transparency. This transparency ensures that businesses, both large and small, understand the rules of the game. When businesses trust that the government is operating fairly and predictably, they are more likely to invest, innovate, and expand.

Access to high-speed internet has effects on our everyday lives, and this event series not only connects us with our government and state leaders, but helps the public play a role in the decision-making that will greatly impact our lives. The sponsors of the events being held throughout Idaho stated:

"In today’s digitally-driven world, high-speed internet has become an indispensable tool for education, healthcare, business, public safety and daily communication. Broadband 101 will explain the benefits that high-speed internet can bring to the public and Idaho communities. Additionally, the office will be gathering comments and ideas on broadband expansion in communities. Your feedback will shape our future policies and initiatives to ensure that no one in Idaho is left behind in the digital age."

If you're interested in learning more about broadband please be sure to attend one of the upcoming Idaho events by following the link HERE. Also, stay tuned for an announcement from MSPC on this topic soon.

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