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Idaho’s continued population growth could increase congressional clout in 2030

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released the latest population estimates showing that Idaho’s population is continuing to surge. In fact, Idaho ranked in the top five states for percentage of population growth. Based on the total net population increase, Idaho could see its congressional delegation grow in 2030. This also means Idaho could gain one vote in the Electoral College.

Here is a look at the population changes and potential impact on state congressional delegations.

The Tax Foundation noted a possible tax angle for the population changes:

Every year, millions of Americans pack up and move from one state to another, providing unique insights into what people value when deciding where to live, work, and raise a family. For many years, policymakers, journalists, and taxpayers have debated the role state tax policy plays in individuals’ and businesses’ location decisions. Annual data about who is moving—and where—provide clues about the factors contributing to these moves.

Taxes are one such factor. The latest IRS and Census data show that people and businesses favor states with low and structurally sound tax systems, which can impact the state’s economic growth and governmental coffers.”

Policies matter and citizens are voting with their feet. A good lesson for policymakers to keep in mind as legislative sessions kick off in January.

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