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Improving transparency in public schools

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Increasing spending on K-12 public schools hasn’t improved outcomes, nor has it increased faith in the system that, in most states, makes up roughly 50% of the budget.

Restoring confidence in K-12 schools will not be easy after years of COVID shutdowns and the behavior of some teachers’ unions and school boards. The disapproval of the public can be seen in the number of families who have left the system altogether.

Today, we are releasing a new study on how we can slowly begin to rebuild some trust. It starts with transparency.

Lawmakers have the ability to improve transparency and give parents and taxpayers a clearer understanding of what is happening in public schools. In doing so, they can help school districts be committed to increasing educational opportunities for all children.

A Public School Transparency Act (PSTA) would help taxpayers and parents determine whether their local district has enough funds and whether it is properly spending the cash in the classroom.

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