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Is it possible to "disagree passionately without destroying"?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The Governors of Utah and Colorado are very different. One is a Republican and member of the LDS Church, the other is a Jewish Democrat who became the first U.S. Governor in a same sex marriage.

But Spencer Cox and Jared Polis do have one thing in common - they believe we all need to learn how to disagree better. And they are right.

This year, Cox and Polis serve as the chair and vice chair of the National Governors Association. Together, they launched this recent advertisement and campaign calling on Americans to disagree passionately without destroying each other.

Governors Polis and Cox have hit on something we believe in strongly at Mountain States Policy Center - that is politics doesn't have to be personal.

Have you ever been convinced by someone calling you a name? We haven't either.

The Governors say we don't necessarily have to be nicer to each other, we just need to learn to disagree in a way that allows us to find solutions.

And while, from a free market perspective, we might disagree with the policy ideas of both Governors Cox and Polis, we applaud their effort to bring a sense of civility back to the debate.

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