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MSPC engages with policy leaders at James Madison Tech & Innovation Summit 2024

I had the privilege of attending the Technology and Innovation Summit 2024 hosted by the James Madison Institute in sunny Miami, Florida. The summit brought together some of the brightest minds in technology and policy to discuss pressing issues shaping our digital future. From AI to cybersecurity, the discussions were not only enlightening but also forward-thinking.

A standout moment of the summit was the round table discussion on Artificial Intelligence. The conversation centered around the implications of AI on various sectors, particularly in government offices. It was exciting to witness the consensus among experts regarding the potential for AI to revolutionize efficiency and cost savings in public services.

An additional highlight was the shout-out to Mountain States Policy Center for our groundbreaking study on AI implementation in government, showcasing substantial cost savings. This study underscores the transformative impact of AI technologies when strategically deployed, prompting lively discussions on regulatory frameworks and ethical considerations.

The Summit also discussed conservative perspectives on key technological issues. Education emerged as a critical topic, with discussions emphasizing the role of technology in enhancing learning outcomes while preserving traditional values. Broadband implementation in rural areas was another focal point, highlighting the necessity of equitable access to digital infrastructure for economic development. Another issue that MSPC has touched on is through our "Plugged in: Five keys to expanding broadband coverage" study.

Cybersecurity emerged as a cornerstone of the discussions, with experts outlining essential 'do's and don'ts' to safeguard digital assets against evolving threats. The consensus was clear: robust cybersecurity measures are paramount to protect our privacy, our children, and our national security. This does not mean, however, that we need to be stifling technology innovation, but rather the opposite. It was reaffirmed to me that locally, we must take more initiative in creating practices educating and informing parents and youth of the dangers of technology, rather than heavy-handed, short-sided legislation that limits innovation.

Artificial Intelligence remained a recurrent theme throughout the summit, transcending mere buzzwords to explore its practical applications. From healthcare to transportation, AI's potential to drive innovation and streamline operations was a recurring theme. The discussions underscored the need for responsible AI development, ensuring transparency and accountability in algorithmic decision-making.

We were honored with the attendance of Florida's 43rd Governor Jeb Bush. Governor Bush gave an impassioned panel on advocacy for education reform and government efficiency. The former Florida governor and education advocate articulated a compelling vision focused on empowering parents and leveraging technology to transform both education and governance.

Bush emphasized that schools should be centered around parents' aspirations for their children, advocating for policies that prioritize student needs and parental choice. His vision underscored the importance of shifting educational funding to follow the student, promoting competition and innovation among schools to improve outcomes.

In addition to his education reform agenda, Jeb Bush highlighted the imperative of integrating technology and innovation into government operations. He stressed the need for leaner, more efficient government services that harness technological advancements to reduce bureaucracy and costs.

The Technology and Innovation Summit was a resounding success, offering a platform for meaningful dialogue and insights into the future of technology. The James Madison Institute continues to serve as an exceptional resource for informed policy discussions, bridging the gap between innovation and governance. As we navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, events like these remind us of the importance of collaboration and forward-thinking in shaping a tech-enabled future.

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