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MSPC launches first research center focused on technology & innovation

Mountain States Policy Center (MSPC) – the region’s top source for free market policy – announced today the launch of its first research center. With a focus on innovation, the William and Elizabeth Junkermier Center for Technology and Innovation officially opens today.

“MSPC is committed to bringing a free market perspective to the most challenging issues of our time, and perhaps no topic speaks more to the power of free markets than technology and innovation,” explained MSPC President Chris Cargill.

The new center at Mountain States Policy Center commits the organization to research work and recommendations on issues including using artificial intelligence to improve government efficiency and expanding broadband in a responsible way. Sebastian Griffin will lead the MSPC’s efforts. Taylor Barkley of the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University will be a strategic advisor.

The Junkermier Center is named for William and Elizabeth Junkiermier of Missoula, Montana – founding supporters of Mountain States Policy Center. William Junkermier is the Vice President at Cerium – a business technology solutions provider with 200+ employees.

MSPC founding supporters Bill & Elizabeth Junkermier

“We are committed to MSPC’s mission and goal of Free Markets First and are honored to have our names placed atop this effort,” the Junkermiers said.

Mountain States Policy Center is a non-profit, non-partisan research center that provides free market solutions to successfully grow the region. It concentrates its work in Idaho, Eastern Washington, Montana and Wyoming – one of the first organizations of its kind to cover multiple states.

MSPC’s mission is to empower those in the Mountain States to succeed through non-partisan, quality research that promotes free enterprise, individual liberty and limited government.

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