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MSPC launches new children's book series to teach kids about free markets

BOISE - Mountain States Policy Center is excited to announce the release of "The Lemonade Stand in the Middle of Nowhere" - a children's book written by Senior Policy Analyst Madilynne Clark. This is the first installment of "The Common Sense Climb," a series of children’s books that is being published by MSPC to teach children about the power of free markets.

"As a mom, small business owner, and a policy analyst, I saw a need to convince families that free markets are for everyone, including them," Clark said.


Clark's first book chronicles the story of her four young sons who attempted to open their lemonade stand in the middle of nowhere. As the four kids sit watching a few cars drive past at top speed, they wonder how they will ever make money.


Scheming up solutions, the kids decide that the mayor and town council can solve all their problems. From government purchases, subsidies, regulatory burdens, anti-competitive efforts, and labor regulations the kids have a solution all mapped out. Thankfully, someone steps in to convince them that the path of more government has more problems than answers. With a lot of hard work and determination to make things work, the kids learn that the path of free enterprise, limited government, and individual liberty is the most prosperous course.


"This entertaining and adorable children’s book will help the youngest of citizens (and even their parents) learn that free markets and hard work should be our first choice, not government intervention," Chris Cargill, the President of MSPC said.

Written in verse and illustrated with the power of AI by Clark, "The Lemonade Stand in the Middle of Nowhere" is sure to make readers laugh and also learn something new. The book can be purchased on Amazon.

Ida the Mountain Bluebird, a new installment of the series, will be released on October 4th at Mountain States Policy Center’s Fall Dinner and Anniversary Celebration in Boise.


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