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MSPC’s top recommendations for Idaho’s 2024 Legislative Session

Idaho’s 2024 Legislative Session begins on January 8 and is expected to run through March 22 (current targeted completion date). Lawmakers will consider many important policies during this time. Mountain States Policy Center is ready to help policymakers advance policies to improve Idaho’s economic outlook and opportunities for citizens.

Here are MSPC’s top recommendations for lawmakers to consider (in no particular order):

As for MSPC’s role during the session, there are certain things we will (and won't) do:

  • We will stand for freedom, liberty and free markets through our research and recommendations;

  • We won't pressure lawmakers or call people names;

  • We will produce ideas and analysis that inform the debate - and let those ideas do the talking;

  • We won't attend a public hearing unless invited by lawmakers to offer testimony;

  • We will review various proposals and legislation, offering analysis; and

  • We won't grade bills or any lawmaker.

Bottom line - our focus for the 2024 Legislative Session is on the policy ideas, not the personalities.

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