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MSPC testimony on I-2111 to ban a state and local income tax in Washington

At the invitation of Senator Lynda Wilson, I had the opportunity to testify on February 27 on the proposal in Washington to ban a state and local income tax (I-2111). Here are my prepared remarks:

"I-2111 would implement the clear and consistent intent of Washington voters to stop income taxes from being imposed. Although some believe the state constitution prohibits an income tax, government officials can currently impose up to a 1% tax if uniform. I-2111 would fully close this door and prohibit a state or local income tax of any kind, assuming of course the plain meaning of words is honored (unlike what occurred with the recent capital gains income tax).


For years, the state Department of Commerce advertised the lack of an income tax as being a ‘competitive advantage’ for Washington. To further protect this advantage, along with acting on I-2111, lawmakers should also take the next step and adopt this policy as a constitutional amendment. This is something that Texas and Tennessee recently did to signal to residents and businesses that an income tax is fully off the table. With Washington voters rejecting 10 straight ballot measures to impose an income tax and now qualifying I-2111, it is time for state officials to finally prohibit income taxes."

I-2111 is currently scheduled for executive action on March 1.

To view my testimony as delivered click on the image for the video.

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