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The launch of the first Mountain States Policy Manual

Updated: Jun 26

Mountain States Policy Center - the region's top source for free market policy and research - has announced the publication and release date of its first Mountain States Policy Manual.

The Policy Manual is a 200-page guide filled with facts, figures, research and more than 80 recommendations that will be an invaluable tool for current and future lawmakers, media and the general public. It will be published in July. Attendees to MSPC's Policy at Poolside event in Eagle on July 10th will receive the first copies.

"Our new Mountain States Policy Manual will serve as a comprehensive resource on virtually every key issue facing the region, including topics like agriculture, budget, taxes, technology, education, and more," explained MSPC President Chris Cargill.

Akin to the Heritage Foundation’s “Mandate for Leadership," the manual will offer citizens many practical ideas and hope for the future. It will provide media with background and research needed to improve accuracy. And it will offer policymakers of any political persuasion a go-to resource for navigating key issues facing the Mountain West, all rooted in proven, free market solutions.

"There is nothing else like it available," Cargill said.

The Mountain States Policy Manual will be structured to provide accessible and comprehensive information on a variety of policy areas. Each section will include an overview of the issue, current challenges, policy recommendations, and case studies or examples of successful implementation. Specific chapters in the manual will cover:

  • Fiscally Conservative Policies

  • Tax Transparency

  • Improving Government Transparency and Governance

  • Advancing Student-Centered Education Reforms

  • Improving the Economic Climate

  • Reforming the Health Care System

  • Policies for Managing Technology

  • Advancing Free-Market Agriculture Policy

  • Managing Natural Resources and Energy Development

  • Guiding Principles for Transportation

Mountain States Policy Center is a non-profit, non-partisan research center that provides free market solutions to successfully grow the region. It concentrates its work in Idaho, Eastern Washington, Montana and Wyoming – one of the first organizations of its kind to cover multiple states.

MSPC’s mission is to empower those in the Mountain States to succeed through non-partisan, quality research that promotes free enterprise, individual liberty and limited government.

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