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Idaho's road network - Part 1

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Like other states, Idaho’s transportation infrastructure is the backbone of the state’s economy. Much of Idaho’s $77.9 billion Gross State Product relies on the movement of people and goods, whether for employment, agriculture, or general services.

Idaho’s transportation network is comprised of more than 56,000 miles of public road, over 4,400 bridges and 1,700 miles of freight railroad. The need to preserve, maintain and expand infrastructure to accommodate growth throughout Idaho is paramount to ensuring economic growth and competitiveness.

Taxes and fees that fund roads

Including the 18.4-cents in federal taxes per gallon, Idaho drivers pay a total tax of 50.4-cents per gallon in gas taxes. At today’s average, taxes comprise more than 11% of the purchase price of gasoline.

In FY2019, the state imposed more than $256 million in motor fuel taxes, the main source of road and highway funding. Other major sources of funding in FY2019 include $100 million in special fuel taxes (diesel, propane, natural gas, etc.), $99 million in passenger car and truck registration fees and $59 million in commercial truck registration fees.

Fuel taxes in Idaho are governed by the 45th Amendment to the Idaho State Constitution, which protects tax revenue for highway purposes, limiting diversion to other modes of transport.

COMING SOON - A complete study on Idaho's road network, including where the state ranks in terms of roadway and interstate conditions.

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