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MSPC meets with Montana Governor Gianforte

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Senior MSPC staff and a few board members had the opportunity to meet with Montana Governor Greg Gianforte this week to talk about various policy reform options. Governor Gianforte expressed interest in the possibility of adopting Truth in Taxation and a tax transparency website to help provide additional details about how taxes are imposed in Montana.

We thanked the Governor for his strong support for advancing education choice options like public charter schools and Education Savings Accounts (ESA).

Here are some of the policy reforms enacted this year in Montana under the Governor's leadership:

  • Passage of two bills allowing for the creation of public charter schools

  • Education Savings Accounts for special needs children

  • Income tax reduction to 5.9%

  • Income and property tax rebates totaling $3,800 for each Montana family

Along with the Gianforte meeting, MSPC held events in Helena and Missoula to learn more about the concerns of local residents and opportunities to advance free market policies. Some of the hot topic discussion items included tax reform, education choice options, management of public lands, and open primaries.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Montana events. We hope to see you also at future MSPC events across the Mountain States.

One of our major policy dinners is coming soon on October 6 in Boise. That event will be keynoted by former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson and Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel. Additional details are available here.

Updated 9/29

MSPC received a note today from Montana Governor Gianforte following up on our meeting last week.

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