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Use these policy treats to ward off scary tricksters

It’s that time of year when trick-or-treaters of all ages brave the cold and elements. While candy is usually sufficient to appease the mild mischief of cuter Halloween-goers, something stronger may be needed to help ward off the ill-intent of scary tricksters. Here are a few policy suggestions to counter these types of ghouls:

  • Michael “Property Tax Increase” Myers – The best way to slash through the mystery behind a proposed property tax increase is with Truth in Taxation.

  • Chucky the “One Educational Model Fits None” Doll – Evil dolls come in all shapes and sizes. A menu of options is needed to learn how to defeat them. Education choices will help parents navigate the dangers.

  • Pennywise “But Not for Your Taxes” – A shiny red tax balloon may be tempting but it can quickly pop a state’s tax climate. Supermajority for tax increase requirements will help keep your state from floating toward chaotic tax changes.

  • Scarecrow the “Anti-Farm Regulator” – The quickest way to kill the profitability of a crop is to overregulate it. Use these Top 10 free-market agriculture policy ideas to restore the harvest.

  • Headless Horseman the “Mindless Citizen” – You’ve already lost the policy debate if you lose your head. Use this checklist for analyzing policy to keep a clear mind and more importantly your head on your shoulders.

Should these scary tricksters come to your door this Halloween, these policy treats will be more effective than full-sized candy bars (and cheaper too). Happy Halloween!

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